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The Anzac Walk in Gallipoli

The Anzac Walk in Gallipoli; the graves of Gallipoli, exquisitely maintained, are where Anzac folk can walk amid thousands of names as familiar as those back home. The “Anzac Walk” is one way to discover this for yourself. Please bear in mind the distances involved. Some parts of the walk are uphill. Please be certain in your own mind that you are fit enough to cover the route.
‘Old Anzac’ embraced a strip of scrub-covered treeless land deeply indented by steep valleys and eroded gullies about two kilometres long and under a kilometre deep at its widest point.
Below are instructions to guide you from the first point (1) on the walk at North Beach to the last (14) high up on Walker’s Ridge, from where you can look back on your starting point hundreds of metres below.
Some historical information relevant to each stopping point is on site, but only at a few places. The more you bring yourself in the way of visual material such as photographs and other accounts, the better. These will help you visualise something of what was going on in that vicinity between April and December 1915. Some of these images will provide a recognisable ‘then and now’ effect while others take you into the Anzac lifestyle. As this is a leisurely walk we suggest you take the time at each point to sit and read short accounts of daily life and death on Gallipoli. They are the authentic voices of men who fought here and their stories are the very reason that keeps attracting so many Australians and New Zealanders to Anzac.
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